Have you ever wondered about the connection between the spirals found in nature and the human body? This Spiraldynamik(R) Basic MOVE education will clarify the correlations and investigate the art and science of the human motor system from head to toe.  The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Spiraldynamik®, a unique and highly effective movement and therapy practice based on anatomy and physics. The course will open up new dimensions to you about movement and healing and will enable you with very powerful hands-on techniques and tools. Participants will receive a certification of participation. Well known in Europe for over 30 years, Spiraldynamik(R) is used to prevent injury, avoid invasive operations and improve movement techniques. The effects of it can be felt on the body immediately and the knowledge you will acquire will serve you for the rest of your life!


There are 120 hours of study in the basic course which takes place over three sessions in 2019. 

 May 13-17, and August 12-16, 2019, January 6-10, 2020

The course must be completed in full. The cost of the course is $2,000. 

A successfully completed course allows you to move into the second intermediate certification phase.

Hosted by: Boston Conservatory at Berklee
31 Hemenway Street, 02115 Boston, MA  
In partnership with: Prometheus Dance, Inc.

Course Objective

You will gain insight into the fascinating and complex relationship between anatomy and movement potential. You will get to know the importance of interaction, regarding coordination of movement, posture and movement patterns (healthy and unhealthy habits). You will discover what functions well and what doesn’t.

Course Content

  • *The principles of Spiraldynamik®: the principle of polarity, elongation, the dome, the spiral, the wave and basic movements
  • *3D-anatomy basics: bones, joints, ligaments, muscles
  • *pedagogic principles: didactics of movement education and phyisopedagogic instruction
  • *therapeutic principles: illustration of therapeutic strategies according to given diseases and dis-functional patterns
  • *3D-analysis: 3D-status, 3D-movement analysis, risk analysis and interpretation, identifying details as well as global relationship
  • *Perception training: recognizing one’s own deficits & the potential to learn how to change them
  • *Manual movement guidance: spiral movement and figure-8-movement, activating the movement impulse centers.
  • *Movement training: active and creative discovery of movement
  • *Integration of the new movement quality in everyday life
  • *Variety of application in teaching, training, counselling, etc.
  • *Self-help support: for oneself, for clients, students, etc.


The course will combine hands-on experience with training and theory using a wide range of various teaching and learning methods. You will be able to actively acquire your new skills and know how. Feedback from a qualified and experienced instructor along with time to discuss, challenge and question the material that you are learning contribute to the deepening of the knowledge gained.


Qualified movers from all areas of the field. (e.g. movement and physical therapists, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, Gyrotonic® instructors, dance teachers, etc.)


Shonach Mirk Robles

MAS Dance Education
Spiraldynamik® Instructor
Director of Ballettschule Shonach Mirk
Former principle dancer Béjart’s Ballet of the XX Century