Heart of the Matter is an evening length work performed by Prometheus Dance, choreographed by Diane Arvanites and Tommy Neblett. Using eclectic electronic music and projected video, the work unravels layers of personal history to re-write individual stories. Aiming to return to the source of inherent inclination, Heart of the Matter is a tour-de-force performance which examines personal interactions, self-imposed conflict, and interference, revealing the interconnectedness of us all.

Created by: Diane Arvanites, Tommy Neblett, and members of Prometheus Dance over a period of two years including a 2012 Dance Alliance  Artists Residency

Presented by: WorldMusic/Crash ARTS 2012, Bate Dance Festival  2013, Outside the Box Festival 2013

Heart of the Matter comments on specific gender relationships, although the personal pursuit of freedom is the main directive. The subject of Heart of the Matter ideals with conflict and  resolution. The conflict of relationships that interfere with free will and choice, often self-imposed, evolve towards a singularity of being. Heart of the Matter asks the question how do I take what serves me from this experience and how do I leave off what does not. The work embodies the darkness and lightness of the soul and how differently one soul responds to another. To enhance these ideas the work has video projections  corresponding the evolution of the energetic and musical influences of the piece. The dance is sequenced in such a way that the audience is asked to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds.

Movement Collaborators: Dancers of Prometheus Dance

Original Music: Miguel Noya and Adam Noya

Video: Adam Noya and Callie Chapman Korn

Costume Design: Penny Pinette

Lighting Design: Linda O’Brien

Stage Manager: Jayne Murphy





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