A Look At Our Upcoming Season Celebrating 30 Years!

Save the dates!

October 25-28 Actors Fund Arts Center at the Mark O’Donnell Theater, Brooklyn NY.

October 15-19 Turkish/American Exchange Residency and Workshops Walnut Hill School (informal showing)

November 26-December 3 Riley Watts veil iii Residency (informal showing TBD)

January 26, 2019 – Dance Up World Music/CrashARTS ICA Theatre, Boston MA.

Project RAu – March 15-23 – The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

June 15, 2019 – 30 Year Celebration Byrnes Theatre, Delbridge Family Arts Center, Walnut Hill School,, Natick, Ma

The Fruit of Continued Collaboration

A large part of our mission is steeped in collaboration with designers, composers and artists. Over a 30 year period we have collaborated with many artists who have caused the work to ignite, expand and deepen the creative process. Composers such as Shamou, Miguel Noya, Grayson Hugh, and John Kusiak contributed greatly to the body of work. Visual Art has played a huge roll in the creation of set, environment and content, Debbie Cutler, Beth Galston, Werner Grundle, Jayne Murphy, Karen Klein, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (Project III). Costume Designers Lucilla Padilla, Dianna Daley, Marian Bertone, and Penny Pinnett. Choreographers definitely take us to new places such as Christine Fricker (Inventories on Animated Bodies) Lighting Designers, Linda Taylor, Linda O’Brien, Paul Marr, Joe Levendusky, and Stephen Petrilli have changed the shape of the stage to make worlds steeped in shadow and light.  New works are  being created on the company to be presented and premiered for the 30th Anniversary by Korhan Basaran, (RAu) and Riley Watts (veil iii). Theses new ideas are developed through residencies that grow from master classes and sometimes lunch. Thank You to these Artists and Friends. We are grateful to have worked with all of our collaborators. Thank You!

Glass Wall Series

The culture of dance and it’s potential to transcend. Our 2018/2019 Glass Wall visiting artists will include: Troy Ogilvie, RileyWatts, Korhan Basaran, Brian McGinnis, Zoe Scofield, Abhilash Nnigappa and others TBA.

Check out some of our recent Glass Wall Series Classes filmed and edited in the studio by Cacia LaCount!

Glass Wall Series moments


Watch the trailer here

Veil iii

Fnd out about veil iii here

Watch the trailer for veil i

New Spiraldynamik® Basic Move Course

The Spiraldynamik® Basic MOVE education clarifies and investigates the art and science of the human motor system.  The course introduces the fundamentals of Spiraldynamik®, a unique and highly effective movement and therapy practice based on anatomy and physics. Prometheus and the Boston Conservatory host the only Spiraldynamik® Basic MOVE course available in the United States.


Creative Ground

The Elders Ensemble is one of NEFA’s Featured Profiles



A Look at Our 2017/2018 Season Wrap Up 

Project III (But for Clouds)

Collaborative Artists Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

The final, full production residency, and culminating performance of Project III took place in October 2017. Prometheus and the ParkeHarrisons developed the piece through a series of residencies over three years at Skidmore College, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Derived from the ideas of influence, Impact, and Imprint, the work used video, photography, elements of steam punk visuals, vaudevillian segments, and illusion to create a world where light and dark combined to stretch the imagination,

Watch the trailer for Project III

Korhan Basaran RAu- Winter Intensive- January 8-12

Our third residency and the second weeklong residency with Prometheus Dance and Korhan Basaran for the creation of RAu took place this past winter. This particular residency was opened to include students from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and members of the Boston Dance Community. This is a unique work specifically centered around the refugee crisis and human migration in today’s world through collaborative art making with choreographer Korhan Basaran (Turkey) Prometheus Dance (USA), composer Kinan Azmeh (Syria), designer Tuce Yasak (Turkey) and film maker Ataman Girisken (Turkey)

Riley Watts Residency- April 23-27- Delbridge Studio 5 Natick


The second of several creative residencies for the making of veil iii involved a one week residency culminating in an informal performance on Friday evening April 27th . The creation of veil iii involves working through meditation, intentional movement and body mind integration to establish the energy of a waking dream.

Glass Wall Series

Guest artists challenge us to explore the science of dance, understand the balance of instinct verses intellect in improvisation, learn about National and European trends, as well as the culture of dance and it’s potential to transcend. These were the visiting artists who shared their knowledge this season: Levi Marsman, Troy Ogilvy, Riley Watts, Korhan Basaran, Kurt Douglas, and Joy Davis.

Spraldynamik® Basic MOVE/USA


In August, January and June, we co-hosted, with the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, the first Spiraldynamik® Basic Move Course held in the United States. Twelve participants from all over the country received a certificate of participation for the course, which allows for the teaching of Spiraldynamik® principles in classrooms and practice places before moving on to the next phase of learning.