Ongoing Classes and Sessions

Intermediate / Advanced Modern Dance Technique
(Open Company Class Sessions)
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10:00 – 11:30am / taught by Diane Arvanites

Session 1:  September 18- December 7

Session 2:  February 26– March 24

Session 3: May 21 – June 15

Prometheus offers open advanced classes at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, where we are dance company in residence. Each class warm up focuses on the structural integrity of the body using principles of center core initiation and joint decompression. Momentum and use of space dominate center work with phrases that challenge the dancer in a way that promotes risk taking through dynamic shifts of energy and direction. The classes of Prometheus Dance focus on the clarity of technique, the specifics of the movement language, performance skills, qualities of movement energy, breath, focus, and individual expression. The classes enable dancers to access the power of learning a movement language within a safe and positive working environment.


Master Class and Immersion Workshop Series

Master Class Series

Master teachers from renowned national and international ballet and modern dance companies, as well as popular culture professionals,  each teach a one day master class  running two to four hours long depending on the study. Each master teacher offers in-depth insight into a particular philosophy and style of dance. Dancers delve into process and technique  with emphasis on  the development of  personal movement language and physical movement potential. Guest artists challenge us to explore the science of dance, understand the balance of instinct verses intellect in improvisation, learn about National and European trends, as well as the culture of dance and it’s potential to transcend. Visiting artists who have shared their knowledge since 2012 include Isaac Spencer (Culberg Ballet), Amy Shulman (Compagnie Marie Chuinard), Ariel Freeman (GAGA), Ryley Watts (Forsythe), Brian Brooks (Brian Brooks Moving Company), Zoe Scofield (Zoe Juniper), Tobin DelCoure (Azure Barton/Lubovitch), Kurt Douglas (Limon/Lubovitch), Levi Marsman (Ailey 2), Ebony Williams (Cedar Lake/Beyonce), Emilie Leriche (Hubbard Street), Katie Kozul (Hubbard Street 2) Christine Fricker (Compagnie Itinnerance, Marseille) and Korhan Basaran (Ensemble RAu, Turkey).

Immersion Workshops

Immersion workshops in process and technique allow dancers access to a more in-depth physical and intellectual experience. This course of action contributes to a greater understanding of particular artists’ work and knowledge. Immersion informs the student as to their personal compatibility to any given style or form potentially paving the way for the advancement of study.

Glass Wall Guest Artists 2018/2019

Troy Ogilvie (September 20)

LeviMarsman (October 4) 

Korhan Basaran (October 19)

Joy Davis Counter Technique (November 1)

Zoe Scofield (November 15 )

David Glista (December 6)

Riley Watts –  Creative Residency (November 26-30)

Brian McGinnis (January 31)

Joe Gonzales (February 28) 

Abhilash Ningappa (TBA)

Jun Kuribayashi (TBA) 

Korhan Basaran RAu Workshop and Creative Residency (March 18-23) 

/2019 Guest Artists Coming This Year



Guest Artist Master Class Video Links

Omar Carrum Glass Wall

Glass Wall Riley Watts

Glass Wall Korhan Basaran

Glass Wall Kurt Douglas

Glass Wall Ebony Williams

Emilie Leriche

Korhan Basaran