30 Years is Half a Life-time of Creative Work:

Over a thirty-year period much has changed for us. As young creative dance makers we fought back through dance, against social injustice, violence, sexual violence, and the dangerous inhumanity of power struggles. Through dance, we brought the Aids epidemic to the forefront, questioned gender equality and peered into issues of cultural and physical diversity. As we age, the conflict we represent is more nuanced, subtle, and complicated. Our work is still addressing power struggles but on a deeper level. We are concerned with hidden meaning and references of inhumanity locked within the individual. In newer work, we question personal violence, our deep need for connection, we explore neural diversity and a need for identifying a revealed self beyond social and cultural chatter. Our work explores human condition with the potential for revelation. Whether through uncovering possibility, circling back to the beginning, or the unwavering survival of an ordeal, we continue to ask questions and seek answers by creating work of conflict and resolution. This is how we have discovered the beauty of spirit in all things and how we have begun to understand the nature of our common humanity.


2018/2019 Season

October 25-28 Actors Fund Arts Center at the Mark O’Donnell Theater, Brooklyn NY.
January 26, 2019 Dance Up World Music/CrashARTS ICA Theatre, Boston MA.
March 15-23 Turkish/American Exchange Workshops and Performances
Project RAu March 23, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, 31 Hemenway St, Boston, MA
June 15, 2019 30 Year Celebratory Concert Byrnes Theatre, Delbridge Family Arts Center, Walnut Hill School, Natick, Ma

The Fruit of Continued Collaboration:

A large part of our mission is steeped in collaboration with designers, composers and artists. Over a 30 year period we have collaborated with many artist who caused the work to ignite, deepening the creative process. Composers such as Shamou, Miguel Noya, Grayson Hugh, and John Kusiak contributed greatly to the body of work. Visual Art has played a huge roll in the creation of set, environment and content, Debbie Cutler (Shoot the Moon), Beth Galston (Apokalypsis) , Werner Grundle (Warp), Jayne Murphy (Dreams), Karen Klein (Desiderare), Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (Project III). Costume Designers Lucilla Padilla, Dianna Daley Blackman, Marian Bertone, and Penny Pinnett visually connected our bodies to the work. Choreographers definitely take us to new places… Christine Fricker (Inventories on Animated Bodies) set us at the ICA in and among visitors, new work is being created with the company to be presented and premiered for the 30th Anniversary by Korhan Basaran, (RAu) and Riley Watts (veil iii). Theses new ideas are developed through residencies that grow from master classes and sometimes lunch. Thank You to these Artists and Friends.

30 Years of Performers, Dancers and Muses

Diane Arvanites, Deena Lipkies, Lisa Bleyer, Lisa LaJoi, Maria Michael, Sarah Boggan, William McLaughlin, Christian Polos, Jonatha Brooke, Amiel Malale, Vaggi Kastanidou, Solveig Olsen, Chris Aiken, Julie Ginsberg, Olivier Besson, Stanford Makishi, Anita Havell, Cha Cha Epps, Andrea Taylor-Blenis, Rebecca Marshall, Bryan Steele, Jill Axelrod, Brian Brooks, Jeffrey Polston, Andre Quintella, Karen Murphy-Fitch, Tommy Neblett, Jamie Greenbaum, Bonnie Spillane-Gaztambide, Lorraine Chapman, Catherine Musinsky, Janine Parker, Julianne Tomiselli, Colin Conner, Sun Ho Kim, Nicole Sell, Troy Sellers, Zoe Scofield, Sean Mahoney, Kate Digby, Jason Dionne, Ashley Williams, Erin Gottwald, Ivan Korn, Callie Chapman Korn, Kathleen Jonic, Stephanie Sherman, Chris Herman, Carey McKinley, Emily Beattie, Portia Lawrence, Martha Stone, Megan Schenk, Megan Krauser, Lauren Bisio, Cristin Fagone, Amy Sears, Rachel Bertone, Naoko Brown, Kara Johnson, Rebecca Garrison, Elena Greenspan, Lonnie Stanton, Kristy Kuhn, Kate Neal, Jenifer Kelble, Jessie Stinnet, Luke Reid Grassia, Joe Gonzales, Henoch Spinola, David Glista, Junichi Fukuda, Michael Figeuroa, Danielle Davidson, Jacob Regan, Shoshana Moyer, Flora Kim, Arvejon Jones, Justin Daniels

Elders: Alice DeLattre, Eleanor Duckworth, Kelly Gillan, Joan Green, Karen Klein, Susan Lane, Eliza Mallouk, Betty Milhendler, Doris Millan, Marcie Mitler, Vicky Steinitz, Anne Tolbert, Dorothy Elizabeth Tucker, Sue Penney, Joan Block, Julie Leavitt, Jennifer Lin.


30 Year Timeline